Thursday, February 9, 2012


"The Sworn Book of Honorious"

"The Liber Juratus claims to be the product of a conference of magicians who wanted to consolidate all of their knowledge into one text in order to save them from persecution be Church officials. At the time, the Church was trying to destroy all books of magic. In fact, one of the reasons why authentic grimoire are so rare was because the Church was so efficient at discovering and burning them. The text is presented as a conversation with the angel Hochmel. The word “Hochmel” is a version of the Hebrew work “Chockmah” (wisdom). The book spans 93 chapters and a wide array of subjects, such as how to conjure and control demons, how to discover treasure, and how to save one’s soul from purgatory. One of the major features of the Liber Juratus is its methods for gaining the “Beatific Vision” where one receives a vision of the Face of God."

This book was used by the society in Girona of which Sauniere was a member.

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