Saturday, March 13, 2010

Emma Calve chocolate poster

Restored by MJA Studio. The Emma Calve chocolate poster from "City of Secrets".

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Marian Apparition in Egypt - Coptic Church Dome

Apparitions: Marian Apparition in Egypt
This is one of the few photographs that allegedly actually shows an apparition of the Virgin Mary. It is one of the many visions that was seen in 1968, when the Virgin appeared atop a Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Mary in the town of Zeitoun, a suburb of Cairo, Egypt. The vision was actually shown on Egyptian television. The apparition was first spotted by two car mechanics who thought it was a nun in a white habit about to jump off the roof. The vision appeared on and off for about two years.

Girona now and the Old Postcards Collection

Fossil footprints of a dinosaur and a human footprint together, compare to the Girona sunstone (below the fish).

Exotic discus fish from Singapore. The Sunstone was once hidden by Jose in a friend`s outdoor fishpond which did not leave much room for the fish!

The Girona Sunstone, a true vision-stone used by the ancients and brought from Jerusalem during the Crusades. Unlike the LDS Seer-Stones which are small enough to carry in one`s pocket, this stone takes 4 or 5 men to move it.

The tower used to be at the top of these steps.

Note the thickness of the ancient stone walls.

Girona tower right of center seen from site near the location of the 1975 vision of Our Lady of the Cup. Old postcards from the collection of Andrew Gough.

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Mexico

During this vision chimes were heard as in Girona and there was a heavenly perfumed scent as in Girona as well.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Torre Magdala, Girona - The Tower at Girona

The "Our Lady of Fatima" vision. Appearances of "Our Lady of the Cup" - who is Mary Magdalene - are at the center of the Two Towers phenomenon. Visons have been witnessed by
the people of Girona near the Girona tower. Some researchers refer to these visons as manifestations of a type of UFO activity known as the "BVM" - the "Blessed Virgin Mary".
These are similar to the "Our Lady of Guadalupe " vision of Mexico.

The Girona Magdalene Tower in an old postcard (left of center) from the collection of Andrew Gough.

19th c. French Interior

19th c. French Decor - Countess of Chambord

The Countess of Chambord, supporter of Berenger Sauniere as was later her nephew, Johann Salvator.

19th c. French Porcelain Lantern - Paris 1890

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tea with Carmen, Tea with Maria

Cabaret dancer.

Special "Society Tea", tea with Jose and his cohorts on Canigou.

Perpignan, France where Jose used to go for movies and books during the Franco regime.

The Follies Pigalle where Patrice passed through on her way to and from Spain.

The ancestry of Patrice in England.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The House of the Frenchwoman behind the Cathedral - Girona Tower on left

"Egyptian Game of Chess - Queen`s Knight" by MJA 2004

The house of the Frenchwoman, Girona.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rennes le Chateau Tower and the Priest Berenger Sauniere who built it.

Fontana d`Or Gallery in Girona - once run by Jose Tarres

The Emma Calve chocolate poster from "City of Secrets" colorized by MJA Studio, Tucson, Az. The most important element is the border of flowers. It would look good in this Girona gallery.

Tossa de Mar on the coast of Catalonia

Ellen Barkin as Patrice Chaplin in Patrice`s semi-autobiographical movie, "Siesta".

"Mermaid Gargolye" by MJA 2002

Tossa del Mar on the Mediterranean coast of Catalonia, Spain. Jose`s family had a villa there.

French-Blue Morning Glories

Figure of "Wisdom" from Notre Dame Cathedral by MJA 2002.

Morning Glories