Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Girona now and the Old Postcards Collection

Fossil footprints of a dinosaur and a human footprint together, compare to the Girona sunstone (below the fish).

Exotic discus fish from Singapore. The Sunstone was once hidden by Jose in a friend`s outdoor fishpond which did not leave much room for the fish!

The Girona Sunstone, a true vision-stone used by the ancients and brought from Jerusalem during the Crusades. Unlike the LDS Seer-Stones which are small enough to carry in one`s pocket, this stone takes 4 or 5 men to move it.

The tower used to be at the top of these steps.

Note the thickness of the ancient stone walls.

Girona tower right of center seen from site near the location of the 1975 vision of Our Lady of the Cup. Old postcards from the collection of Andrew Gough.

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