Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sigil from the Girona Vision Shrine Stair

Remember this design from Girona? It`s actually from a step at the vision shrine
commemorating the vision of 1976. It was probably made before that year
during the original construction which frames a cave with a spring inside of it. We were told that this is an invocation sigil of an entity and that the triangle stands for Earth, but studying a list of early alchemical symbols I found that the upside-down triangle symbolizes "Water". The only "S" on the chart was a triple "S" which stands for "Stratasupstrats" which sounds like rock strata below other strata. "Saturn" uses the crosses symbol as does Venus. Is this the sign for a sub-strata spring of water?

The sigil is actually on a stair at this Girona shrine dedicated to the vision that appeared there in 1975. There is a cave with a spring inside.

Xochi Adame:
"The stone outside the 'cloister' in Girona. This looked more like a grotto or crypta, as it was a double-roomed cave below the shrine to Mary."

Aleksandar Jovanovic
Hi Mary
this is the sigil of Entity
I cant remember which one exactly
but you can look in Grimoires
it comes from there
look first in Key of Solomon
and then Goetia
triangles are elemental signs for earth

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